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Tips for Storing in Self Storage

Tips for Storing in Self Storage


How can we store our belongings well in our self storage unit? Very simple, it’s all about “Preparation”!  Hongkong Storage is pleased to give you some advice to enhance you storage experience.


Keep Away from Pests

Food is one of the attractive sources of pests.  No food should be kept in your self storage unit.


Sealed with Tapes

Each box should be closed properly.  To do so, you are able to stack them up easily; otherwise, you would end up in building the ‘leaning tower of Pisa’ inside your storage cubicle!


Remove Batteries from Electronics

If you decide to store electronic devices for a long period of time, it is suggested all batteries should be removed before moving into the storage unit. As we all know, battery leakage can damage the devices.


Take Good Care of Fragile Items

To avoid cracks, individually wrap up every fragile item. You would not want to see favorite belongings scattered.


Keep Items in a Dry Condition

Moisture can easily induce pest breeding. Keep your storage boxes dry to avoid pests.


Cardboard Box or Plastic Box? Choose Wisely

Boxes made from breathable materials are suggested for storage so as to prevent from moisture. e.g. cardboard.  However, if you prefer plastic containers, please make sure desiccant packs (silica gel or charcoal for examples) are placed in boxes.



We hope that our suggestions can bring you enjoyable storage experiences at Hongkong Storage.