Is This Really a Self Storage? Unsurpassed Storage Experience from our Boutique Style Mini Storage



“Is this really a self storage?” Have you felt somewhat different from your concept while walking into Hongkong Storage?


To provide professional, trustworthy and excellent storage experience is Hongkong Storage’s promise to our customers.  We are therefore very specific to every little thing in the facilities to create a unique self storage for our customers.



A well-designed space allows you to organize your belongings in a relaxing way. Take your time to do with refreshing music. Keep your relaxing pace here to clear things up.




Work Station

If you need to call someone or our customer service centre but your mobile is out of reach… if you need any stationery, tape or a pair of scissors to wrap up your cartons… It is a right corner you can find what you need!




Tools to back you up

There are a trolley and a ladder standing by for customers in need! Feel free to use, but please return them after use. Thanks!




We care you in every corner of our self storage

We provide free WiFi service and a mobile charger for customers in our self storage in case you need either of them.


hongkongstorage_GreatExperience04 hongkongstorage_GreatExperience05


Because we commit to Hongkong Storage’s vision which leads us to provide our customers an unsurpassed storage experience, you will find what we are dedicated to every detail inside the self storage. We wish you will really enjoy your time with Hongkong Storage!


“We want to see the busy urbanites

having more time to enjoy life and

more space to cherish what they own…”