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Unwelcome Sports at Home


Have those in love with sports experienced a moment like this: After a game or practice with your team and taking all your big packs of gears back home, one of your family members would say, “Our home is a bit crowded. Would you try finding any other sports with fewer gears?”


You would try to explain but choose to be meek at last. We know we can fight against one of the painful truths in Hong Kong – many families are living in tiny space of their apartments and space inside is very critical, both for living and for storage.


There may be a great option to resolve the problem for your personal sports – self storage – your sports life (ones especially described below) would become much easier if you play…


Ice Hockey

Self Storage can save your day! It is because there is so much equipment needed if you want to play ice hockey. First, you would choose a personal favorite hockey stick and a pair of skates. While playing this exciting sport, you need to wear all the protective gears including a helmet (with cage), shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, neck guard, gloves, etc. It would be better if you can find a huge equipment bag to bring all those stuff to have a great game.



The space occupied by the bike depends on its design. A folding bike can save more space than a full size one. It would become a safe fortress for your bike(s), equipment and gears in a self storage.



When a holiday comes, some ski lovers will make their great ski plans to enjoy the white snow. Super ski fans definitely have great outfits with their tastes. If you are a pro player, how would you manage your personal skis, ski poles or snowboard? Maybe you can store safely in a self storage before your next ski spot to go.


War Games

For those who like war games, you need to find a barricade to store your military collection of airsoft guns and rifles. Don’t forget all military uniforms and tactical accessories you have collected from different forces around the world.


Mountaineering / Climbing

If you love mountaineering and climbing, finding your own suitable equipment for the sports is the first priority of your safety. Collect your ropes, harness, carabiners, boots, helmet, etc – all the mountaineering and climbing equipment in a self storage, and save more room for your apartment. Once you want to spend a great day with your friends, you don’t feel bewildered of finding time to search the equipment at home.


Roller Skate / Skate Board / Scooters

Get a rack inside your self storage to store your favorite roller skate boots, skateboards or scooters. You can pack your protective gears decently there as well.



Hongkong Storage is very pleased to help customers who store their favorites in our self storage facilities – no matter what kinds of equipment for your invigorating sports!