Why Should You Choose Document Storage Service of Hongkong Storage?




Many enterprises still have to file and store documents in their offices. As a result, a huge space of your office is doubtlessly taken up. It is obviously one of the big problems clouding in the mind of administrative heads. Especially, if your office is located in the prime district, it will cost your company an immense amount of money for the storage space. How can you manage your company’s space effectively so as to save the cost?


From the perspective of cost effectiveness, document storage is an ideal solution for storing a high volume of paper records – save more space of your office and more money as well.


As a leading storage service provider in the town, Hongkong Storage understands the concerns and needs from corporate clients on storing documents more than anyone. Over the years, our corporate clients trust and appraise Hongkong Storage’s professional document storage services for:-


First-rate Surveillance System

Our document storage is highly secured as all the facilities are closely monitored under the real-time video monitoring surveillance system on 24/7 basis.  Moreover, the access to the facilities is not open to public and the access is under strictly control and only authorized Hongkong Storage staff have the access right to the storage.


World Class Security System from G4S

The world-class security systems supported by G4S are installed in our document storage facilities. Connected to a 24-hour security center, the security system can protect our customers’ properties well.


Temperature and Humidity Control

Suitable temperature and humidity are the crucial factors for storing documents.  In view of this, our facilities are closely monitored by the Real Time Environmental Monitor System to ensure that a consistent temperature and humidity are maintained inside the document storage area.


Clean air is another factor to keep documents in good condition

We install air purifiers in our document storage area for filtering dust, killing germs and deodorizing to provide an ideal storage environment.


Keep Pest Away

A series of regular pest control policies are in place to keep all our customers’ documents free from pest infestation.


Hongkong Storage offers your company a comprehensive document storage management service to reduce the cost of document storage, administration, records retrieval and transportation.  By engaging our document storage service, you can release more manpower to increase the productivity for your business.


Let Hongkong Storage be your document storage partner to ease your burden.