You can Find Unsurpassed Storage Experience Everywhere in our Self Storage

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“How can we improve our self storage better and better that our customers can completely enjoy excellent storage experience? “ Hongkong Storage’s management team and staff always have this question popping up in their mind, especially when they are in the branches.


Customers’ trust in us originates from our attention to details.  We are therefore very specific to every little thing in the storage facilities in order to provide attentive service to our customers.


To Provide Better Self Storage Environment and Greater Storage Experience

Installing air conditioning systems in self storage facilities aims to provide an ideal environment for storage.  The 24-hour automatic control systems keep the temperature and humidity at an optimum level for storage in our branches.

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Bring our Customers a Comfortable Storage Environment

Lights and fans in the branches are connected to power sensors. Once you reach the sensor point, the lights and fans will be turned on automatically.  It is environmentally friendly while customers can still enjoy a comfortable self storage environment.

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People have their own habits, even storage and the use of self storage. Thus, water dispensers are ready for those who spend a long time of storing and packing items there.  Moreover, other facilities like restrooms, alcohol-based hand rub and masks are available in our facilities to cater for customers’ needs.

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We sincerely hope all our efforts dedicated to improving the facilities can show customers our determination in making Hongkong Storage a warm, comfortable and private storage “space” for enjoying and re-organizing memorable things in life.